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health vaccination

Health Vaccination

Travelling always requires an element of caution when it comes to your health. Whether it's the different water or food, being in foreign environments has the potential to confuse your body. In addition, life on a CHAKANA ADVENTURE TRAVEL can at times be a bit hectic, with early starts and late nights and so much to see and do. Getting sick on tour is a real shame but it's definitely avoidable. Simple advice like eating well and getting sufficient rest is a key and as long as you take care of yourself you should be fine. 

Should you get be unfortunate to be unwell, speak to your tour manager who will be able to organise taking you to a pharmacy or if need be, to see a doctor. 

If you are on a regular course of medication it is recommended that you bring a sufficient supply for the entire time you are away from home. We also suggest that you bring a small supply of antiseptic cream, sticking plasters, aspirin, insect repellent, cough medicine and perhaps some antibiotics. All Chakana Adventure Travel transportations do however carry sealed first aid kit in case of an emergency. 

If you have a diagnosed medical condition, you must advise CHAKANA ADVENTURE or your travel agent when booking your tour as you may need to provide a medical assessment form.

Health care in Peru
Peru generally maintains good health care. There are enough hospitals and clinics that provide adequate services, especially in the main cities, such as Lima, Cusco and Arequipa.


The decision to be vaccinated while travelling is something to be taken seriously, but is something personal that needs to be agreed upon by you and your doctor. For this reason, we won’t advise anything to do with vaccinations.

Check out http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/ and have a chat with your doctor to reach a conclusion that’s right for you.

However a yellow fever vaccination is required for traveling to jungle cities in Peru, which must be administered at least 10 days before your trip in order for it to be effective. No other vaccinations are required.



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