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calling peru

Calling in Peru

To make calls to, from and within Peru
In order to dial from overseas, please dial 00 then 51 (the Peru country code) then the city code and finally the phone number. City codes are as follows:

  • Lima    1
  • Cusco  84
  • Puno    51
  • Arequipa  54

Dialing in Peru:

  • National calls (from city to city): Add zero before the city code.
  • Local calls (within the same city): Dial the number only.
  • Cell phone numbers are always preceded by a 9 and then the number. No other prefix is necessary.

In case of any emergency your family can contact Chakana Adventure Travel
When needing to contact us for any reason, or if a loved one is trying to reach you while traveling, please call our local office, Chakana Adventure Travel E.I.R.L, in Cusco.
Chakana Adventure Travel E.I.R.L.

PHONE :  00+ 51-084236864
Business Hours : Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm local time (GMT -5)

Local Cusco 24 hrs Emergency Phones: +51 – 984228458 or +51 – 968228946
Within Peru dial: 984988200

Will my cell phone work in Peru?
In most of the places you'll be visiting, your international cell phone will work (3G or Quad Band) and will be able to get a signal. However, for remote places like the jungle, you will be out of range for a signal.

Can I buy a local SIM card for my phone and for how much?
There are two major telecommunications companies in Peru: Claro and Movistar. You can buy a prepaid SIM card for about 15 soles then recharge them, depending on your needs, in any store selling Claro or Movistar products, as well as in most supermarkets and gas stations. Before buying SIM card, make sure that your phone recognizes the local networks (is unlocked), as this is not always the case.



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